If you’ve ever considered opening your own day spa, you must read this first …

“Discover The “Insider Secrets” To Opening A Successful Day Spa… And Keeping It Open?”

Just for a moment….

Imagine harnessing your creativity to create a spa experience that your clients will rave about! Imagine owning a spa that helps your clients become happier, healthier and less stressed. Imagine being able to receive any spa treatment you want, whenever you choose. And, imagine owning a spa that can earn you a 6 figure income yearly!

Subject: Opening a Profitable Day Spa

Yes, you can have all of the above. However, the sad truth is that the majority of small businesses (not just day spas), fail within their first year, and even more fail within four years. If you want YOUR new day spa to avoid becoming an unfortunate statistic, you need to educate yourself on the proper way to not only open a day spa, but also how to KEEP IT OPEN!

Anyone with money, or the proper financing can open a day spa. It takes some specialized knowledge and insight to make the business profitable, and keep it growing for years to come.

We watched as a very close friend of ours lost her day spa in just over a year from her grand opening. She wasn’t an impulsive rookie business owner who took chances, or didn’t do her homework. In fact, she spent almost 2 years reading everything she could find published about this industry before she opened her spa! And a year later, she closed her doors.

That got us really thinking….

How could our friend – a very intelligent and personable woman with great customer service skills, well-connected, nearly perfect credit and with plenty of financing fail, while others we knew, who lack some of her best qualities go on to create profitable, successful spa businesses?

We personally knew of two other entrepreneurs whose day spas are going strong after many years. What sets them apart? What are the secrets to day spa success our one friend missed? We became determined to uncover the deepest secrets that your competition won’t tell you!

After A Few Years Of Digging, We Struck Gold!

Even though the fundamentals of “business” are generally universal, a bakery will never be like a day spa, or a car dealership, or a pet store. Each type of business has it’s own “insider secrets” that are closely guarded by those inside the winners circle. And, if you were to approach a truly successful day spa owner and ask for their advise (because you were thinking of opening your own spa), they wouldn’t tell you what you really need to know. And why would they? They don’t need, or want to help their future competition.

So, we put our research team to work, and we started asking questions to try and find out what the “insider secrets” hidden inside the day spa industry really are. They weren’t easy to uncover! But we finally found the little nuggets that can help you turn your “dream” into day spa gold!

Sadly, our friend’s dream of owning a successful day spa came to an abrupt end, but we used her experience and mistakes to your advantage by creating a guide unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else – guaranteed!

We’re proud to introduce…

“How To Open A Day Spa”

… And KEEP It Open!

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When opening ANY business you are bound to make mistakes. It is best if you make little mistakes, and learn from them. What you can’t afford to do is make the BIG mistakes! It all comes down to hoping you don’t make a BIG mistake that might cost you your business, your credit, your investment, and your livelihood. Luckily, this guide will help you avoid the far too common BIG mistakes that costs many rookie day spa owners their business, and their dreams.

Hundreds of successful day spa owners credit their current success to,
“How To Open A Day Spa… And Keep It Open”

“Just What I Needed”

I’ve had my business open for 3 months and was not seeing the progress I want. I bought your ebook and just wanted to thank you for giving me some ideas to try. This is just what I needed now.

I was making one of the big mistakes you mentioned, and I cancelled many of the things I was wasting money on. Thanks for the wake up call. Good info.

- Jenee Williams

“For My Cousin”

I found your website and bought your book for my cousin. She was about to open her salon and I wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing.

She was so thankful I did this for her, and she says she learned so many things that she didn’t know. She is going to do a lot more thinking and planning now. I’m relieved. Just wanted to email to say thanks you guys. I think you saved her a lot of money.

- Teisha Grant

will your success story be next?

If you simply take the time to read this tell-all guide, “How To Open A Day Spa… And Keep It Open”, then the statistics will be on your side!

Here are just a few of the questions we uncovered the answers to……

  1. Do you know the one “small” staffing mistake that can cause you to lose your entire spa business overnight? (Mistake #1: this is the BIG pitfall that crippled our friends dreams)
  2. Do you know what kinds of day spa advertising works, and what type advertising is a TOTAL waste of your money? (Mistake #3: You might as well just open a window and toss your money out, you’ll get the same results!)
  3. Do you know the one PRIORITY job a day spa owner must focus on, and it’s the one thing you can’t afford to outsource? (Mistake #7: this is HUGE!)
  4. and there’s so much more!!

Just Imagine

Imagine spending hours, days, even months doing painstaking, detailed research on how to open a successful day spa. Our friend did ALL her homework and still lost her dream. Opening the day spa is just the beginning of your adventure. The internet is littered with basic, rehashed information on how to open a day spa. But nobody is revealing the surprising secrets to being successful, retaining customers, bypassing the common pitfalls and growing your profits inside your own day spa.

We spent years doing research, interviewing day spa owners and employees, studied countless cases of successes and failures, and uncovering the best-kept secrets in day spa ownership and gathered the most crucial information into “How To Open A Day Spa… And Keep It Open”

This is NOT a common sense, beginners guide that will rehash all the most basic day spa information. You know the kind of publication that makes you feel like you’ve learned all you’re going to learn after reading the first paragraph. This guide contains information you will not find anywhere else. This is a guide that will give you the greatest chance at succeeding in YOUR day spa business venture.

To be clear, we haven’t left out the basics. We’ve covered everything from A to Z. And, we’ve included those little pearls of wisdom that separates the profitable day spa owners from the struggling-to-keep-their-head-above-water operators.

How Much Is This Information Worth To You?

Of all the money you are going to have to invest into your future day spa business, let “How To Open A Day Spa… And Keep It Open” be the first, and most important one. This guide will help you avoid the mistakes that too many others have made, and help you protect your investment.
This guide would have saved our friend thousands and thousands of dollars! Unfortunately for her, this information was simply not available when she was researching opening her spa.

How To Open A Day Spa

… And KEEP It Open!

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Many of our readers have emailed us to tell us just how valuable this guide was to them. And in reality, we could charge much more for this guide. $57 $27 seems like a fair price to us. Why? Because we want YOU to succeed. We want to make sure that no other rookie day spa owner has to go through the crisis our friend went through. We hope our friend’s failure will help you to realize your dream. We want you to invest in YOUR day spa success TODAY!

Unlike The Rest Of The Money You’ll Invest Opening Your New Day Spa, This Investment Is 100% Completely RISK FREE

Great Just Got Even Better

We’ve just added more value to this offer!

Interview With A Day Spa Expert!

We have included an absolutely priceless bonus. You’ll receive a complete transcript of an interview we did with Mary Hughes – the publisher/editor of Spa Life magazine. She’s visited countless spas in her career as an expert and reviewer. If anyone knows what sets a winning spa apart from strugglers, it’s her.

Picture yourself being able to visit and explore many, many spas. If you could do nothing for the next few years except travel to different spas, evaluate what is working, and what is not. Talk to many different people inside the industry. Speak with day spa owners and find out what their concerns, dreams and expectations are. What advantage would that give you when starting your day spa?

It might not be practical, or financially feasible for you to spend years visiting a huge array of spas. Today, you are being offered the next best thing. This is an open, exclusive interview done with Mary where she gives us the benefit of her travels, experiences, observations and insights. You probably couldn’t afford to hire her as a consultant. Her hourly fee would be enormous. Now, you can learn from her wisdom and experience as a bonus for purchasing your copy of our guide today! (Value: Priceless)

“I Get It”

I’ve never written an email like this before. For something I bought online. I’m writing to thank you for digging this information and writing it.

I always wondered why some places do so well, and other don’t. I think I get it now.

I enjoyed it and learned some very helpful things.

- Natasha Olafsen

Invest In YOUR Day Spa Success Today!

Now has never been a better time to be your own boss, live your dream, and create a legacy for yourself and your family. Don’t get lost in the pitfalls that crushed many other budding day spa entrepreneurs. Start smart, stay smart, and enjoy many years of profit from your thriving spa business.

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We wish you good health and good fortune


P.S. Remember, we’ll take all the risk. Your purchase is backed by our eight week money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return it guilt free!

P.P.S. We wouldn’t let a family member, friend or relative consider opening their day spa without making sure they read this information first. Don’t open a day spa without knowing the BIG mistakes to watch out for, and avoid. Order your copy today!

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